Livable Centers Initiative

The Moreland Corridor 10-Year LCI Update

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LCI Area
The Moreland Corridor LCI Study Area

The Moreland Corridor Livable Centers Initiative Area is a study in the juxtaposition of high volume through traffic cut through clusters of pedestrian oriented neighborhood places. This 10-year update of the Moreland Corridor Concept Plan focuses on how arts, culture and creative placemaking can help sensitize regional transportation corridors to the unique local contexts of the Reynoldstown, Edgewood, Candler Park and Inman Park neighborhoods, increase the context sensitivity of regional transportation corridors in the area.

This Update builds on the original 2005 Ponce de Leon/Moreland Avenue Corridor Study, undertaken to provide a comprehensive and inclusive examination of the two corridors and develop a community-based plan that utilizes transportation improvements, land use policies, and sound urban design to improve the quality of life in the area. The original study was accepted as a grandfathered Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study and was divided into two separate LCI areas: the Moreland and the Ponce Corridors.

In 2013, the Moreland Corridor LCI was revisited, and progress towards implementing the goals set forth in the original plan was documented, as well as market conditions analysis updated.

This 10-year, major plan update study continues the LCI effort using the same rationale behind the original:

> that directing compact, walkable, and complete development towards areas with existing infrastructure will benefit the region and minimize sprawling land use patterns;

> that minimizing sprawl, in turn, will potentially reduce the amount of vehicle miles traveled and the air pollution associated with those miles; and lastly

> that public investment in infrastructure should be done to maximize private investment response.