County Line Road


The south end of the Moreland Corridor Study Area was originally anchored by a sizable hill: the high point between Decatur and City of Atlanta. The hill was removed in total for the construction of the Moreland/ I-20 interchange in the 1950’s. 800px-Mortimer_Dormer_Leggett_-_Brady-HandyInterestingly the hill was known as Leggett’s Hill until it was hauled away, one of the few places in Atlanta ever to be named for a Union Leader. Brigadier General Mortimer D. Leggett captured the hill in the Battle for Atlanta and used its vantage point to defeat the confederate troops. Leggett’s legacy was quite impressive after the war as well, first appointed as the US Commissioner of Patents and later drew on his patents expertise to help organize a collection of innovative companies into General Electric. His son, also named Mortimer, achieved a brief moment in history while a student at Cornell in 1873, when he became the first person known to die in a college fraternity initiation. Today Leggett and his hill are remembered only in the Cyclorama, and the deep ravine of I-20 occupies one of the lowest spots between Decatur and Atlanta.