Arkwright Intersection Improvement will improve traffic flow, provide pedestrian refuge

In February, 2016, GDOT approved a concept plan for improvements to the Arkwright Place/Moreland Ave. Intersection.  The intersection, just notth of Memorial Drive was the historic location of a streetcar line that connected Atlanta to Decatur along a dedicated right of way, which continues to run parallel to the main alignment of Arkwright and provides access to buildings facing the street.  The proposed design converts the northern parallel streetcar alignment to an access-way, replacing its intersection with Moreland Ave .   with green space.  A paved median is installed in Moreland Ave. to prevent vehicular turning or through movements on Arkwright with a pedestrian refuge and a hybrid pedestrian beacon installed to assist pedestrians crossing Moreland Ave.  Total cost of design, right of way acquisition and construction is estimated at $2,322,720, with an programmed construction date of 2018.  The full Concept Report is available at