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Little 5 Points Community Improvement District Board


In the spring of 2014, a collection of Little 5 Points businesses that constitute a majority of the owners within the district boundaries will submit a resolution to Atlanta City Council consenting to the creation of the Little 5 Points Community Improvement District as authorized by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, and by the Atlanta Community Improvement District Act. The purpose of L5P CID is to enhance and supplement certain governmental services and facilities within the district including;

  • Construction and maintenance of local, collector and arterial streets as included in the city’s most recently adopted Comprehensive Development Plan, including curbs, sidewalks, street lights and devices to control the flow of traffic on local, collector and arterial streets;
  • Public transportation, including but not limited to services intended to reduce the volume of automobile traffic, to transport two or more persons in conveyances, to improve air quality, and to provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities and the operation of a Traffic Management Association or similar entity;
  • Construction and maintenance of Parking facilities;
  • Construction and maintenance of parks and recreational areas and facilities;
  • Construction, maintenance, and management of cultural facilities that will enhance L5P’s role as a theater and arts district;
  • Services the CID Board deems worthwhile to enhance the growth and vitality of the L5P District including advertising, promotion, sanitation, security, business recruitment and development.